Vintage interior design

With the concept of open plan for the apartments is a very appropriate choice. Coupled with an interior design that stole the attention as the interior design of the apartments you can see our collection. Display the apartment to be cheerful and unique vintagefurniture collections thanks to a touch of its owner. In the living room for example there is a formed from old school design with a stunning combination. Worktops and flooring of wood keeping warm look to the kitchen. While the feel of comfort gained from the look of this living room.

In the living room, high ceilings graced with the presence of a flexible Plumen light can be made longer or shorter for a variety of lighting in the room. While other unique ideas are seen in the use of curtains are not uniform in the window. Creating the impression is playful and interesting.

Vintage Interior design for homes and apartments habitable is an investment that is very useful and important because every day you occupy and perform various activities in it. We of are ready to help you to design and provide the interior design of your dreams! Entrusting your residential interior design solutions in the choice of our professional interior designer is always ready to help you. Contact us here now!

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